No Destination
June 29, 2021

Physics studies how the universe behaves, not why it exists. The appearance of physics getting closer to the core of existence is an illusion that must be addressed.

It all comes down to ontology. Physics explains holistic behavior in terms of reduced behavior. For example, a moving car can be explained by analyzing the composition of forces within the car system. After analysis, we may wonder why forces occur in the first place - leading us to particle physics and general relativity. Then we question those topics and ask why fields exist or why space curves… The futility of it all is never realized because our minds are wired to always find a last reason. It’s why physics is endless, explanations of existence will only find solace through religious fictions, and no closure will satisfy the broken hearted. The “last reason” is the macguffin of reality.

Even in the case that there was a final reason that astonished the world and made complete sense, we would still be unsatisfied. After having exhausted reductionism, the next task would be to predict holistic phenomena that could emerge in the future — the phenomena that hasn't happened, but has reasons for possibly happening. The mind is relentlessly obsessed with both why things exist and what could exist, even if the answer is infinity. Truly insatiable beasts we are.