Understanding vs. Change
June 30, 2021

As a simple man, I am humbled by the grass, wind, stars, and bugs. I love discovering the rules that connect the many corners of the universe. Lately, I’ve been introspectively questioning why is physics important? The immediate explanation is:

Physics teaches us the rules

Unfortunately, that alone is quite meaningless. It’s akin to knowing all the tools in the kitchen but never daring to cook. Moreover, it’s the application of knowing the rules that grants physics its importance. Physics is the basis of chemistry, biology, neurology, and much more. It is quite literally the study that encapsulates everything that moves. Studying physics exclusively has left me feeling like I have all the tools to cook without actually making any food.

Today, I recognize that applying physics is our only fighting chance against some of the most pressing terrors we face today. Currently, global warming and humanitarian crises plague us all; if physics doesn’t optimize how our world is engineered today, our children will pay the mortal toll tomorrow.

While physics provides understanding of the world, engineering uses that understanding to drive change. And I want to be a part of that change. This is why I will be writing about trains! I personally believe that trains will play a critical role in the redesign of our world. Locomotion produces 80% less greenhouse gases than cars, travels super fast, carries many passengers, and can be hidden underground. The story of the locomotive is surprisingly exciting and so is the physics involved. Starting tomorrow, we will begin to explore the world of trains. All aboard!